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A Silver Star. A mom’s guitar. A battle scar. A lover’s letter from long ago. All are physical things imbued with greater meaning by the memories attached and the significance they symbolize. Each, a Keepsake.

In this extraordinary concept album by Gathering Time, each song documents a distinct story, yet explores an experience common to all: a mother’s love, a changing landscape, a hopeful heart, or a broken one; stories of injuries overcome and stories of hope… and the inevitability of change with the passage of time.

- - -

“With three strong songwriters whose voices blend beautifully, the future of the folk trio is in good hands. Gathering Time has really come into its own with Keepsake.”
– Graham Dean, WBCR, Great Barrington, MA and WRPI, Troy, NY

- - -

1. Station Song (McKeveny) 3:59
2. Broken Chain (Foxsong) 3:59
3. The Blue Robe (Markus) 3:45
4. Silver Star (McKeveny) 4:20
5. The Touch of Your Hand (Martha Trachtenberg) 2:47
6. The Highest Walls Guard the Greatest Treasure (Markus) 3:24
7. Sketches (Dan Fogelberg) 1:17
8. Keepsake (Foxsong) 5:12
9. Mom's Guitar (Stuart Kabak) 3:53
10. Westerly (McKeveny) 3:50
11. Silkie (Traditional) 6:27
12. Battles That I've Won (Markus) 4:19
13. A Light in the Darkness (Markus) 4:09
14. Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Denny) 6:21